“Une des formations les plus intéressantes du moment (en Suisse)” (Casbah Records)

“Haneke Twins bring a broad and powerful tonal range to its urgent and harrowing classic post-punk sound” (Queen City Sounds and Art)

“Inherent in Haneke Twins (no matter the subject matter) is the feeling of dark nights, smoky clubs, a sense of danger, drama and sexual allure” (American Pancake)

Cold, arctic guitars rip through the songs like shards of ice, and a baritone voice thunders and chills: it really is post-punk of the highest degree” (Backseat Mafia)

“Haneke Twins assume parfaitement son côté revival Post Punk. Et font ça avec brio” (Voix De Garage Grenoble)

“Interpol influences run through “Stuck in a Loop” but also give way to the band’s own mordant outlook and intense sound that blazes at times with wiry guitars fire” (Rebel Noise)

“Layers of guitars paint a dramatic landscape of sound, the song has some sludge to add a dirty rock n roll vibe to the beautiful instrumental arrangement” (The Music Butcher)

“La musicalité est celle d’un rythme perpétuel qui court sans fin. On est pris une sorte de vague immense et on ne peut en sortir avant la fin du titre (Direct Actu)

“Deep, Climb, Lost und Drive sind druckvolle, treibende Post-Punk-Nummern mit deutlicher Rock-Kante” (Ox Fanzine)

“This Paul Banks style vocal is so soothing and melodic. I enjoyed the driving rhythm that really carries the tune” (Independent Music Reviews)

“Dark, brooding, and gothic – to me, this stuff never gets old. It has the classic hallmark sounds of the dark undertones of Joy Division” (Divide and Conquer Music)  

“Das einzige was fehlt ist die Tanzfläche, Dunkelheit und Nebelschwaden, denn dieser Song will getanzt warden” (Dark Life Experience)

“These guys really know how to fill out a waveform. There’s something meaningful at every level of this song” (Rock The Pigeon)