Press Kit

Based between Geneva and Zurich, Haneke Twins is a 5-piece band making post-punk/alt-rock music in their very own distinct way: with signature baritone vocals and cold, arctic guitars that rip through the songs like shards of ice. Sometimes hypnotic and often explosive, their music transports you to the dark and smokey underground clubs of the UK.

When playing live, the band performs material from their 3 albums:

  • “Haneke Twins” EP [self-released | 2018].
  • “Astronaut” mini-LP [The Animal Farm Music (London) | 2021].
  • “Stories of Violence” LP [Urgence Disk Records (Geneva) | to be released in spring 2023].

The upcoming “Stories of Violence” is an atypical blend of heterogeneous influences resulting in 13 compositions that amalgamate the three generations of post-punk: the classic era (Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Sound), its 2000’s revival (Interpol, Editors) and its modern retake (IDLES, Shame, The Murder Capital).

Haneke Twins often use the unusual term “rough-wave” when referring to their music that balances perfectly between post-punk, alt-rock and new-wave. The media compare their vocalist’s timbre with Peter Murphy, Paul Banks, Ian Curtis and their music with Joy Division, She Wants Revenge, Interpol and She Past Away. Their lyrics deal with psychological, social and political subjects such as the lack of stable and appropriate housing, the ever increasing policing and surveillance, the punitive justice, the recent refugee humanitarian crisis, the vanity in our lives, depression, anxiety etc.

Despite being hit hard by the pandemic right at the time they were gaining traction, Haneke Twins have managed to play several shows in three countries, and in 2023 they are planning a mini tour for the promotion of their upcoming release. The fact that their music can be easily combined with acts from related sub-genres, gave them the opportunity to share the stage with important artists of the underground scene such as Burning Gates (goth-rock), Raskolnikov (cold-wave), Rev Rev Rev (shoegaze) and Venin Carmin (synth-wave) just to name a few.

Their highly energetic live performances have been praised by the audiences, and their name started to be heard outside Switzerland, so make sure not to miss the opportunity to see them when they perform near your area.


  • The band started as a duo, and this duality is still maintained in the songwriting process.
  • The name of the band is a tribute to the Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke and his masterpiece “The White Ribbon”, a second-to-none suspence film without a single note of music.
  • “Climb” from their debut EP has made it to a playlist by the world-famous music blogger Eric Alper resulting to high visibility across the Atlantic and numerous radio airplays in Canada, USA, Mexico.
  • Their debut EP includes a surprisingly unexpected take on the legendary “The End” by The Doors.
  • All 5 members of the band hold doctorate degrees in Physics.


“Une des formations les plus intéressantes du moment en Suisse” (Casbah Records)

“Haneke Twins bring a broad and powerful tonal range to its urgent and harrowing classic post-punk sound” (Queen City Sounds and Art)

“Inherent in Haneke Twins is the feeling of dark nights, smoky clubs, a sense of danger, drama and sexual allure” (American Pancake)

Cold, arctic guitars rip through the songs like shards of ice, and a baritone voice thunders and chills: it really is post-punk of the highest degree” (Backseat Mafia)

“Interpol influences run through “Stuck in a Loop” but also give way to the band’s own mordant outlook and intense sound that blazes at times with wiry guitars fire” (Rebel Noise)

“This Paul Banks style vocal is so soothing and melodic. I enjoyed the driving rhythm that really carries the tune” (Independent Music Reviews)

“Dark, brooding, and gothic – to me, this stuff never gets old. It has the classic hallmark sounds of the dark undertones of Joy Division” (Divide and Conquer Music)  

“These guys really know how to fill out a waveform. There’s something meaningful at every level of this song” (Rock The Pigeon)