Astronaut [mini-lp]

Released September 17, 2021 by The Animal Farm Music

Vocals: Paschalis Vichoudis
Guitars: Stefanos Leontsinis & Ioannis Koukovinis
Bass: Athanasios Kyritsis
Drums: Michael Schenk

Recorded at Dudu Loft studios, Athens, Greece in autumn 2019 with the help of Costas Verigas. All music & lyrics by Leontsinis & Vichoudis. Special thanks to Kostas Zabos. Produced by Mat Leppanen.

Artwork by Bewild Brother.

Haneke Twins [EP]

Released September 17, 2018

Music by Haneke Twins and lyrics based on poems by Stathis Antoniou except “The End” (music and lyrics by The Doors, courtesy of Elektra Records).

Recorded at Dudu Loft studio, Athens, Greece in spring 2018. Mixed, mastered and produced by Costas Verigas.

Stefanos played the guitars and Paschalis sung and played the bass guitar. Drums played in all tracks by Kostas Zabos. Album cover photo by Menno de Groot

Special thanks to Costas Verigas for his invaluable guidance throughout the whole process of making this album, Kostas Zabos for the impeccable drumming, and Stathis Antoniou for allowing us to use his beautiful poems. Haneke Twins would also like to thank Stavros “Stavrinsky” Georgiopoulos for the top-quality sound engineering, Menno de Groot for sharing his amazing photo collection with us, as well as Emil Koulouris, Elias Avdikos and John Koukovinis for their help and support.

Available on bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud and spotify.