HANEKE TWINS Technical Sheet


  • Lead vocals
  • Guitar1
  • Guitar2/vocals
  • Bass
  • Drums/vocals

Our Equipment

  • Guitar amp #1: Orange Tiny Terror head + 2×12″ cab
  • Guitar amp #2: Fender ‘68 Princeton
  • Bass amplifier: Carvin head + 4×10″ cab
  • Full drumkit (bass drum, snare, 2 high toms, floor tom, crash, ride, hi-hat)
  • Microphone & stand for the lead vocalist
  • Wireless In-ear monitor system #1 (Shure PSM-300 + 2 receivers)
  • Wireless in-ear monitor system #2 (Sennheiser IEM G4 + 2 receivers)
  • Wired in-ear receiver for the drummer (XLR input)

Our Requirements

  • PA loudspeakers
  • Mixing desk with reverb, compression and 5 independent monitor (AUX) mixes
  • Stage monitoring: We can play with in-ear monitors or with monitor speakers (or any
  • combination of the two). The important thing is to have 5 independent monitor channels
  • 2x vocal microphones and stands (for the drummer and second guitarist)
  • 2x microphones for Guitar amplifiers
  • XLR to the mixing desk for the Bass Amp DI out
  • Microphone set for drums (bass drum, snare, floor tom, medium tom, high tom, overheads)
  • 220V outlets: two for Guitar1, two for Guitar2, two for bass, two for drums


  • Happy to use the venue’s drumkit if suitable.
  • Happy to use the venue’s Bass Amplifier if suitable.

Stage Layout